Thursday, July 24, 2008

Urban Eco Chic: FSC-certified

What did it take to publish Urban Eco Chic on paper that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council?

Step 1: Deciding on FSC-Certification
Urban Eco Chic will be published by Quadrille Publishing in September 2008. When the idea for the book came about, a lot of the people involved wanted to use FSC certified paper to underscore the environmental message of the book. Author and green designer Oliver Heath agreed.

Step 2: Choosing an FSC-accredited printer
We did a lot of research and found a printer who had the FSC credentials. Printers are awarded FSC badge by passing an audit. Once accreditation is obtained, further audits take place to check that the mill/printer is adhering to the guidelines.

Step 3: Determining the right paper
The paper a book is printed on is one of the most important aspects of turning a manuscript into a high-quality book. The printing company worked with us to choose the best paper for Urban Eco Chic, made from recycled materials. This special recycled paper carrying the FSC logo is not usually held in stock. We custom-ordered the paper, which is also more expensive than regular paper.

It takes a couple weeks longer for this paper to come in, so it takes longer to print a book on FSC certified paper, but it's well worth the wait to conserve trees and underscore the message of Urban Eco Chic with real action.