Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greenspec reviews Urban Eco Chic

Brian Murphy of Greenspec, a UK Website dedicated to green building materials, wrote to Oliver Heath praising Urban Eco Chic:

"Your approach, the book structure and format is so right: small nuggets of information, delivered by graphically coded topic bullet points, its so accessible. I am recommending it to interior design and furniture design students.

The scope of coverage is very broad from building/finishing materials through to household goods and appliances which ensures your readers get something to think about every time they consider any household purchase.

Your constant reminders to consider reclaim and reuse and find locally is very refreshing and you demonstrate through your work and illustrations shows how it works. I am inspired by some of your pictures thinking about a much needed garden office and thinking about dismantling pallets for book shelving.

When you are in the public eye it means whatever you do will be scruitinised, all the more reason for getting it right, and I think you have, excellent job. Long may it stay on my desk."


custardbydesign said...


i've enjoyed reading through your blog but sad to note you havent posted since decemeber of last year..

have you moved on from this blog?

i've been a fan of your work for about 10years now...

Jeremy Jones said...

I enjoyed reading here and it's nice to see you after a long time..

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Marra said...

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Richard said...

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